Leonardo da Vinci was not just the greatest painter, mathematician, engineer, inventor, scientist, sculptor, anatomist, architect, botanist, musician and writer of a kind the world has ever witnessed, he was the archetype of the renaissance man whose unquenchable curiosity was matched only by his superhuman diversity of talent. Had he lived today, he might have devised the perfectly automated platform migration tool that would have modernized all legacy applications in one fell swoop. Our Rapid Transform Methodology (RTM) cannot claim such perfection, but it comes close. We eschew brute force techniques and provide a flexible implementation of OMG’s Model Driven Architecture (MDA) to address any and every type of platform migration problem that you might have. Our meta-model based design recovery technique extracts as much information from your existing applications as possible and reuses all the inherent goodness in the transformed target application. Our model-to-model transformation procedures utilize human intervention and intelligence for architecting the target application but automate code generation in the desired source language. The use of Business Process Management tools usher in maintainable business models rather than maintainable source code and help institutionalize corporate knowledge in the BPM repository. By insulating business from technology, RTM ultimately gives you Business Agility through process-centric systems and makes your applications “future proof”.

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Dr. Wolfgang Rothe joins ADA Germany as head of Marketing | ADA Involved in new OMG standards initiative on software quality (CISQ)
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