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We are an automated software modernization company that has been in this business since 1976. We have a worldwide presence and multiple technology delivery centers, including in the United States. We are well integrated into OMG (Object Management Group), one of the world’s leading vendor-neutral standards organizations and ‘think tanks’.

Our lineage can be traced back to the mid-70’s when five senior engineers quit IBM to form a data processing service bureau in India called DPS India. Along with just a handful of companies – such as Tata – DPS pioneered the software revolution in India. ADA Software was a spin-off in 1991 with 42 engineers led by our Founder: DK Bose.

In 1981 we executed one of India’s first projects in the West – for a naval architecture firm in Scotland.

We have been engaged in tool-based application migration since 1981, starting with COBGEN, a COBOL generator.

ADA has been a member of the Object Management Group (OMG) since its inception in 1989.

ADA was one of the earliest companies to be certified as an MDA FastStart QSP.

A global proponent of OMG’s Model Driven Architecture (MDA) standard, we are one of a handful of companies that leads the Model Driven Development revolution, with MDA/ADM as focus.

Our group companies, branch offices and partner-affiliates exist in the United States, Germany, Holland, France, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, the U.K., India, China, Singapore and Indonesia

Top Resources
We have over 400 software engineers distributed in our various offices.

Headquartered in the Greater New York area, we load balance our work across multiple software factories, including a delivery center on the west coast based of the United States.

In addition, our very close integration with OMG gives us total access to “true experts” in the field of model-driven systems, who are generally co-chairs of various OMG task forces and SIGs, published authors and recognized faces in the industry. For instance, Philip Newcomb is co-chair of the ADM Taskforce and has written “the book” on Architecture Driven Modernization. Donald Chapin is co-chair of the OMG Business Modeling and Integration Domain Task Force. Top experts and thought leaders like them are very close collaborators of ADA and our Principal Consultants on projects that need their skills.

Amanda Sidhu, Director of Modernization Technologies, operates out of our New York Area office and is generally our recommended interface for first-time clients.
Email: amanda.sidhu@adasoftusa.com
Contact: 516-903-3824

Those desiring a deeper domain expertise or a closer local presence might consider the following:

Jyoti Soneji, Director of Healthcare Technologies, is the recommended interface for pharmaceuticals, hospitals, bio-tech companies, medical device companies, healthcare insurance providers and medical informatics companies.
Email: jyoti.soneji@adasoftusa.com
Contact: 516-903-2324

Paro Ghosh, Regional Director South East, is the recommended interface for first-time clients south of Virginia. <
Email: paro.ghosh@adasoftusa.com
Contact: 516-903-4822

Philip Newcombe, CEO of TSRI (our affiliate on the west coast) or Greg Tadlock, the Director of Marketing at TSRI, are our recommended interface for first-time clients on the west coast. <
Email: philip.newcombe@adasoftusa.com | greg.tadlock@adasoftusa.com

Probal DasGupta, Principal Consultant/ CEO North America, may be contacted for all other inquiries
Email: probal.dasgupta@adasoftusa.com
Contact: 516-903-4279
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