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It helps if we already have a Meta-Model for the language you want us to process. Even though we would most likely have to tweak and tune the meta-model for your exact compiler version, the set-up cost would be much less, thereby reducing the project cost for you.

So far we have executed projects involving the following source languages:

COBOL PowerBuilder Visual Basic
PL/1 Fortran VAX
JCL DCL [ Digital Comman Language ] Jovial
Java Natural SQL
Assembler Magnax Unix Shell Scripts

So if you have software written in these languages, we would have a head-start in dealing with the modernization challenges

However, since we pursue a meta-model driven, parser-based strategy of design recovery, we can modernize any software written in any language – as long as you can provide us with the complete Language Reference Manual of the language in question. We shall build a meta-model of that language and our parsers will go to work using the meta-model as the decoder.

More information on this approach is provided under: Our Automated Transformation Methodology

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