Einstein’s theory of relativity set the world afire. OMG’s Model Driven Architecture (MDA) technology has given the world an outsourcing-buster solution that provides organizations with tremendous productivity and cost advantages.

Our Rapid Transformation Methodology (RTM) is based on OMG’s Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM) methodologies. It provides a flexible platform migration roadmap using automated techniques that can be as tightly coupled or as loosely coupled to MDA as your case demands.

In any case, we build a meta-model of your existing source language and use our robust, time-tested parsers to extract as many software artifacts as we can. This is called DESIGN RECOVERY and gives us not only the technical model of your business application but also many re-useable components that we utilize to generate your new application. Legacy software has one huge quality: it is time tested. By reusing components from your old application we retain the goodness of your old application while adding the advantages of modernization (platform migration).

Following automated DESIGN RECOVERY, the complete and fully validated Business Model — what MDA called the Platform Independent Model (PIM) — must be built using a Business Process Management (BPM) tool of your choice,

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