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The Web browser has become the standard, universal, intuitive interface, replacing both GUI and text based interfaces as the interface of choice. Yet there are many applications written using GUI or text based interfaces, and those applications represent a huge investment in time and money. Many businesses are completely reliant on those applications, yet are under pressure to provide or use the new browser based interface instead

With the current fascination surrounding SOA and real-time events, the benefits of Web enablement might take a backseat. But for many organizations, simple web enablement of mainframe data and applications can provide a tremendous boost in service quality and productivity.

Benefits of Web enabled

Here are some of the benefits of Web enablement

  1. Your Mainframe, Midrange and other Character Interfaces will be available for access anywhere on the Internet.
  2. Improve services through modern, user-friendly interfaces.
  3. Increase the efficiency of your organization through more convenient mainframe access methods.
  4. Significant process optimizations and new workflows can be the direct result of this wider availability of software functionality.
  5. The existing GUI or text interfaces can co-exist with the new Web interfaces.
  6. Familiar interfaces will require no re-training.
  7. Porting existing applications to the Web can be an important step to rejuvenating those applications, and making certain they remain saleable or useable well into the 21st Century.
  8. Allowing employees to retrieve and update key business information through your intranet
  9. Integrating key line-of-business data (ERP, CRM, etc) with internal Web-based applications
  10. Exchanging data and information with trading partners and clients between private intranets (extranet)
  11. Conducting multi-company transactions via the Internet (e-Commerce)
  12. Full business process integration (BPI) with your trading partners
Case Study

To cite a case study from the public domain, the University of Northern Colorado successfully implemented Web enablement to provide mainframe access via web browsers to over 11,000 students both on and off campus. The system lets students obtain grades, register for classes, and change schedules through a user-friendly online environment. The university’s developers were able to rapidly develop the application from old ADSO dialogs used in the school’s legacy system. The new system proved so successful that applications are now being developed for the faculty.

Web Services

When talking about Web enablement it is impossible not to discuss Web Services(which we treat in greater detail under SOA enablement) . Web Services are a natural step towards harnessing the distributed power of the Internet, and promote the concept of “software as a service”, where software becomes a set of distributed components accessible from a variety of platforms, including hand-held devices in a wireless application solution. By definition, Web services represent a loosely-coupled, distributed computing environment that interoperates using open Web standards such as XML, HTML, and HTTP. Business data is often spread across multiple systems, sometimes running on multiple operating systems, and Web services exchange this data using XML-based vocabularies that are critical to your business. Web services deliver the data, and leave it up to the consumer (device) to interpret and display that data, thus providing for a flexible and highly collaborative solution.

Our Solutions

If your existing software does not work on the Web but needs to, we can web-enable your application without touching the rest of the code

This will entail:
  1. Extracting a User Interface Layer from the existing software by separating all the user interfaces from all programs.
  2. Extracting a User Interface Access Layer by separating all UI access operations from all programs.
  3. Transforming these as required into new technology.
The rest of the software will remain the same but will now work on the Web through our partially re-engineered software.Our web enablement solutions are not to be confused with the “green screen” scrapers of old. These products offer developers a powerful capability for application transformation, entirely replacing the rigid, fixed granularity of mainframe screen-based programs with streamlined web-oriented applications.

And the final analysis, this relatively new, yet ubiquitous, Web-based computing paradigm poses many challenges to your organization. Web-based applications magnify challenges such as scalability and reliability. Therefore, a successful Web enablement strategy requires a solid understanding of user-friendly graphical design, legacy system renewal and discovery, strict service-level scalability and availability requirements, and robust security.
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