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End-user computing  

Every company has tons of Excel spreadsheets and perhaps Microsoft Access based mini-applications that the end-users themselves create for various ad hoc or ongoing needs. Large corporations have hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of productive Excel spreadsheets in use. Sometimes sophisticated users design such sleek Excel applications with menus and macros that one could easily be convinced that it was a Visual Basic application.

The Problem

The problem is compliance and risk.

The Solution

There are two possible solutions:
  1. We could implement our model-driven compliance monitoring solution as shown in Compliance Management.
  2. We could transform the existing end-user computing applications into a controlled application using J2EE or .NET – which is accomplished through Application Migration.
Both these solution strategies utilize the open standards modeling techniques prescribed by OMG in their Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM) and Model Driven Architecture (MDA) standards.
Real-time Compliance Monitoring
We have already shown a high-level schematic under Compliance Management. Here is a more detailed representation of how our solution is implemented.

We would customize our tool-set to address your exact needs. Whatever they may be, as long as you have source code and the compliance need is well defined, we can implement it.

Transform into a Controlled Application
We can migrate your end-user computing applications (Excel MS Access, etc.) into a controlled environment like a regular IT-run application developed in J2EE or .NET, while retaining the exact same functionality and the same look-and-feel that the end-user is familiar with. You will find more about it under Modernization via Platform Migration.
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