What Software do web modernize ?
Why modernize ?
What are the modernization choices ?
What languages can we modernize ?
Time and cost
Modernization via platformmigration
SOA enablement
Partial Software modernization Web enablement
Data storge mingration
Automatice documentatic
Change impact analysis
End-user computing  

Our software modernization services are industry agnostic. We and our tools process source code, not data; business knowledge is not required.

Likewise, our BPM Technical Group is also industry agnostic.

Our BPM Business Group is the only one that is domain-centric, and there we have in-house experts in manufacturing, finance, life sciences, aerospace and insurance. For other industries we hire outside experts to become part of our team.

We have a much larger footprint in Europe because of our groups numerically larger and longer presence there. But the tools, solutions and services provided are exactly identical to what we practice in North America.

The following are just a few of our clients:

USA, Germany, india, UK, Holland, Sweden, France,Belgium, Switzerland, Singapore, China
ADA Companies Worldwide - TSRI
AltiSAP - Quantum Capital
Contact: 888-453-0014
Email: info@adasoftusa.com