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A test script is an automated form of Test Case. Like the test case, the test script is a set of instructions that will be performed on the system to test that the system functions as expected, but it is usually programmed into or coded for an Automated Testing Tool that is under use


So a test script is a short program written in a programming language used to test part of the functionality of a software system. Test scripts can either be written using a special automated functional GUI test tool (such as HP QuickTest Professional, Borland SilkTest, and Rational Robot) or in a well-known programming language (such as

VBscript, Java Script, C++, C#, Tcl, Expect, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, or Ruby).


The more important thing is the Test Cases. Once those are known – which we can automatically generate as well – and the  Testing Tool (that supports test scripts) has been selected, we can automatically generate the test scripts using the model-driven approach depicted below:








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