Philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian and socialist, Bertrand Russell co-authored "Principia Mathematica" and wrote the famous essay "On Denoting", both of which had considerable influence on Philosophy and mathematics. Russell was also one of the founders of analytical philosophy.
Our code analysis solutions may not be as famous as Russell's dialectics, but to development teams that are suffering from code maintenance woes, our tools are the clear favorite.
We assist with a wide variety of Code Management and Portfolio Management type of tasks. These solutions are typically custom solutions that empower you to easily manage and report on your software assets, particularly all the different kinds of source codes you have.
Automatic documentation: Our ability to automatically parse your source code with reference to the correct meta-model and extract technical documentation and various kinds of analysis of your code is a popular first-step for many clients. At a low cost and within a short time, it exposes you to the power of our automated tools and gives you completely up-to-date documentation of an old application.
Change impact analysis: Code maintenance is all about implementing change. Inadequate documentation and inadequate skill of the maintenance programmer can and do lead to chaos. ziTRACE is an MDA-based toolset that greatly facilitates modification of applications within a system.
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Dr. Wolfgang Rothe joins ADA Germany as head of Marketing | ADA Involved in new OMG standards initiative on software quality (CISQ)
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