What Software do web modernize ?
Why modernize ?
What are the modernization choices ?
What languages can we modernize ?
Time and cost
Modernization via platformmigration
SOA enablement
Partial Software modernization Web enablement
Data storge mingration
Automatice documentatic
Change impact analysis
End-user computing  

Our power of code analysis and semantic reasoning allow us to implement a diverse range of compliance tools for your various source code bases.

What kind of compliance?

In this section we touch upon three different types of compliance scenarios that are representative of the power of our toolset.
  1. Taming your end-user computing (typical example: Excel worksheets created by end-users)
  2. Monitoring compliance with your company’s programming standards
  3. Monitoring your systems for malicious script
Our Methodology

Our model-driven methodology is based on OMG’s Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM) standard, as the following schematic depicts:
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