What Software do web modernize ?
Why modernize ?
What are the modernization choices ?
What languages can we modernize ?
Time and cost
Modernization via platformmigration
SOA enablement
Partial Software modernization Web enablement
Data storge mingration
Automatice documentatic
Change impact analysis
End-user computing  

We have separate training Divisions that utilize trainers and technology transfer professionals specialized in MDA, BPM and SOA.Training Divisions:
  • MDA and SOA training is provided through our Division called: MDA Minds!
  • BPM training is provided through our Division called: BPM Minds!
We provide the following levels of training:
  • Introductory Courses … 2 days (16 hours)
    • Goal: To provide an overview of the technology for managers and technologists.
  • Assessment Courses (that will … 5 days (40 hours)
    • Goal: To educate of technology and provide a methodology for assessing adoption readiness.
  • Immersion Courses … 10 days (80 hours)
    • Goal: To provide in-depth training in the technology of choice.
In addition to the above, we can customize a curriculum tailored for your exact needs.Our optimum group size is as follows:
    • For Introductory and Assessment Courses … Up to 20 people
    • For Immersion Courses … 5-10 people
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