An icon of the Software Industry, DK Bose embodied a relentless passion for technology and innovation. A firm believer in tool based development as opposed to brute-force coding, DK Bose named our company with an acronym for Application development Aid: ADA.

In 1981 when thousands of Auto coder programs needed to be migrated from IBM-1401 to ICL 2904-50, he developed COBGEN, a COBOL generator that pre-dates the earliest patented COBOL generator on record. Since then, he has been a thought Leader in automated application migration and legacy code modernization. In 1989, when Chris Stone founded the object Management Group (OMG) along with Dr. Richard Soley, its current Chairman & CEO, it was no surprise that DK Bose was right there to lend support to this potent vendor-neutral research & standard body for innovation in software engineering. As a result, ADA has been a staunch OMG member since its inception, and became a global proponent of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) ever since the standard was published by the OMG. In fact, we were one of the first organizations to be certified as an MDA Fast start Quality Service Provider.

Our code analysis and migration tools enjoy over 25 years history and are today both open systems and MDA- compliant. They can be as tightly or loosely coupled to MDA as the situation and your budget demands.
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